During the years of researching dating trends worldwide, I’ve come across countries that are extremely conservative in their mindset. Then there are those who are more laid-back. Certain countries, however, take it to a whole other level. 

For those of you who may not be ready to settle down just yet, here are the 5 countries with the biggest hook-up culture: 


Yes, the Finns. In 2022, these stoic introverts were voted one of the most sexually liberated nations in the world. Similarly to their Scandinavian neighbours, Finns are all about sex first type of philosophy.

Forget about the “three-date rule”, forget about wining and dining the woman, forget about arranging the first date. It’s simple: you get drunk, go out, and bring someone home. It is only after a series of low-investment sexy hangouts that you might potentially see each other as something more serious.

Women are equal to men. Women often call the shots. And if they want to have a fun time, they won’t feel guilty about it. In fact, it is often the men who take the (freezing) walk.. er… train of shame home. 

Norway (and basically all the other Scandinavian countries to a degree)

Warning- shameless plug incoming - If you’ve been able to check out my book, Sex Before Coffee, you’ll know that Scandinavia is a ‘do first, talk after’ kind of dating culture. They want to get to the point first, see if there’s chemistry and then potentially, potentially take it further. Casually of course. No need to rush things. Yes, this may not be the most romantic way to start something, but no time wasted, I suppose.


Sure, Nordics are strong in their drunk hook-up culture, but passion is not their strongest quality… to say the least. If you want to get frisky, but do so passionately, Brazil is where it’s at. Playfulness and a strong flirting game are synonymous with Brazilian dating culture.  Party culture is huge in Brazil, so on your nights out, you will see that Brazilians have no qualms in expressing their interest openly. If someone’s into you, you will know it. You’ll often see virtual strangers tonguing each other passionately, before going their separate ways. You don’t even need to exchange a word.  If you want to have fun with no strings attached, Brazil is your surest bet. Especially during Carnival. 

Casual affairs are so common during this week-long festival, that the boom of children that comes around 9 months afterwards is called “The Sons and Daughters of Carnival”. How do you explain that to your kids?


Ah.. The Chayumero - we know them, we love them - and it is so easy to get carried away by their excessive flattery. Their goal? To charm the skirts, pants, shorts.. whatever, off of us. 

Chamuyeros are all about flattery, from telling us our eyes shine like the stars, to promising sweet nothings. Literally, because there is nothing in their promises. It’s all essentially a whole load of bullshit. 

Argentinians know how to play the game and hook-up culture is so prevalent that both men and women can come off as downright flaky. As Katy Perry once said “You’re hot and you’re cold. You’re yes and you’re no.” She probably wrote a song about an Argentinian.


The nation that first comes to mind when people think of love and romance, France has a unique hook-up culture all its own. An unofficial rule of thumb is that if you kiss in France (depending on the circumstance - a hook-up while clubbing might not count) it means that you are together. And then you see how and where it goes.

The French are all about exploration. Sex is everywhere… discussed openly, nudity openly featured in the tabloids, soft core porn aired on television. Compared to the more puritanical American approach, French tend to view sex is a natural part of life, not one to be stored away. Forget the taboos! French tend to have a complex approach to relationships, which means many question monogamy. Open relationships, all styles of relationships and yes, oftentimes cheating is common here. It’s not about the black and white approach to life, not about labels; more about realism and complexity. Such ees ze life!

Keep in mind that these are all generalized: there are Nordics, Brazilians and French that strongly disagree with casual sex and have a more serious approach to dating and relationships. However, if you’re looking to explore your wild side, these regions are your surest bets!

Keep on breaking down your barriers -