You’re out on a first date, and despite all the anxiety you had going into it, it has gone surprisingly well. The cocktails were great, the conversation flowing, and the chemistry palpable...  but now comes the most awkward part. Paying the bill. 

During the years of researching dating trends worldwide, I’ve come across countries that are extremely conservative in their mindset. Then there are those who are more laid-back. Certain countries, however, take it to a whole other level. 

For those of you who may not be ready to settle down just yet, here are the 5 countries with the biggest hook-up culture: 

I had never fully realized just how averse to nudity North America was until my trips abroad to Europe. I mean sure, we use cleavage and bikinis to sell things like food or products, but in our everyday lives- nakedness tends to freak North Americans out. It is something controversial, R- rated, and often strictly sexualized. I wouldn’t say all of Europe lets it hang every chance they have,