Travelling solo can be overwhelming. Especially, if you're someone whose hands get clammy by the thought of having to strike up conversations with strangers, hate the awkwardness of eating out alone and get exhausted forcing yourself to be social when you’d much rather be in bed reading a good book. 

Yes, travelling can definitely take you out of your comfort zone. And that can be a wonderful thing. But if you’re someone who’s looking to explore the world, but at a pace that fits with who you are, we’ve compiled a list of the best places for the introvert in all of us.

  • Japan

You can’t talk about introverts without mentioning Japan. Japan is known for its community-first, “don’t rock the boat” mentality, which makes it pretty hard to beat for a travelling introvert.  Eating out alone is extremely common, with counter-style seating which helps avoid the self-consciousness of solo dining. Major supermarkets have self-checkouts. Trains are deadly quiet, even if packed like a bunch of sardines. Youth hostels often have curtains or even plywood “capsules” for privacy, so you can avoid yet another person turning on the light at 3 am to pack their suitcase.  

 Also, there is so much more to Japan than Tokyo for anyone who simply wants to get away from it all. We’d recommend the smaller cities, particularly those with onsen, which are remote spas that are the perfect introvert getaways.  What could be better than a spa day with a hot bath, some sake, and no one to bother you? 

  •  Lithuania 

Perhaps not the country people would think of first, Lithuania was voted one of the most introverted countries globally with a 55.% introversion rate. People don’t tend to interact much with strangers and tend to stay close to their family and childhood friends. Compared to its other Baltic neighbours, Lithuania has more of an untouched air to its tourism - this means there are fewer people, fewer crowds and a higher chance to really experience the culture of this underrated country.  

Prepare for minimal small talk; no fake smiles or pleasantries. 


  • Finland

Striking up a conversation with a stranger in an elevator, bus, train, coffee shop? Not happening. Sitting as far away as humanly possible while doing your utmost to avoid any form of contact? Welcome to Finland. 

Finland is an introvert haven where privacy, peace, and the appreciation of silence is golden. So go ahead and enjoy your solo hikes or sauna - because no one will be bothering you here. Finns love silence so much they even conned a saying: ‘speech is silver; silence is gold’. Unlike that of North American culture, Finns truly embrace what we call ‘awkward silence’ and do not feel the need to fill up that space with chatter. For Finns, silence signifies comfort and relaxation. So as you plan to visit Finland and sweat it all off in the sauna - keep in mind that this might be the one place where a Finn might actually strike up a conversation. While nude, of course.


  •  Canada

As a Canadian myself, I can attest that Canada is a great place for a visiting introvert. We’re a friendly, smiley bunch, but we are also a bit too polite and don’t like to draw too much attention to ourselves (unlike our more assertive neighbours). Just last year, Canada was voted one of the best countries for introverts - so trust me, it’s not just the bias talking. Canada is also one of the biggest countries on earth, but 80% of it is actually uninhabited, which means you have a ton of options if you feel like getting away from everything (and everyone!) 


With friendly, non-intrusive people, plenty of space, and a culture of saying “sorry” to people, dogs and inanimate objects, Canada might be the best of both worlds for the introverted traveller for whatever trip you’re aspiring to.


  • Iceland

 Another Northern country on this list, Iceland is a sanctuary for any visitors that come to see its natural wonders and the Blue Lagoon, but even more so for the more reserved traveller. 

Icelandic culture is one that prioritises peace and nature and with only one main city, Reykjavik (which takes a whole hour to walk front to back). With cabins galore, walking trails and active volcanoes, you’ll be seeing more plants than people here. From long treks, foraging, and journeying to unbeatable waterfalls or ‘foss’, Iceland is where you can go anywhere solo, explore (although avoid the geysers), and embrace the peace and quiet that comes with this Nordic country.


  • New Zealand

            Another country with a great deal of beautiful nature, and a tiny population. New Zealanders are, for the most part, progressive, calm and friendly. Most of this beautiful island is covered in an incredible landscape, so much so that it captured the imagination of fantasy movie directors around the world. For the introverted traveller (who also might be a Lord of the Rings fan), New Zealand would be a happy middle earth… I mean ground, for a visit. 

With more sheep than people, you’ll find more space than you can think to do with - even the cities aren’t as crowded as one would think. If you leave the big cities, you truly could go over a week exploring and not be bothered by anyone. Kiwis are a friendly bunch as a whole, but in a way, you have to match their energy. Most people are calm, polite, and handle socialising with others in a casual and informal manner. I’d say as long as you have a good sense of humour, and calm energy you’ll fit right in when coming to New Zealand. 


I hope this helps you discover the countries to consider for your next adventure.  Embrace your introversion and explore the world. You never know where it will lead you.


Keep breaking down your barriers-